Welcome to Right The Ratio! Here you'll find the daily schedule and sessions. This year's lineup consists of some of the best and brightest from the world of advertising and design worlds and beyond!

This summit will give participants access to:

- Live access to 9 speaker sessions and discussions

- Interactive small-group breakout sessions, led by each speaker

- Networking Directory access for all participants with the ability to schedule 1 to 1 chats

- Video replay of each session

Empathy and Creativity
1:00pm-2:15 pm
Empathy unlocks unexpected thinking, irrational creative leaps, and ideas that move brands and people. A deeper understanding of each other at work also creates... See More
Real Talk on Building and Supporting The Next Generation of Leaders
2:25pm-3:30 pm
We need greater diversity in leadership roles. Everyone agrees. But how do promising individuals get there, and overcome the long-standing barriers to advanceme... See More
(R)Aging In The Night
3:40pm-4:45 pm
It’s no secret that advertising prizes younger and cheaper talent, making it harder for older, more seasoned talent to land their next job. Age discrimination, ... See More
Building an Inclusive Environment for All Gender Identities
1:00pm-2:05 pm
While corporate practices and norms are still inching closer to fair representation of women in the workplace, the conversation culturally is evolving to broade... See More
How To Be Meaningful Allies In Recruiting
2:15pm-3:20 pm
Although checkbox diversity recruiting holds teams and organizations accountable for fair hiring practices, it focuses on diversity statistics and metrics inste... See More
Parents & Burnout: How Companies Should Care for Working Parents
1:00pm-2:05 pm
This past year has been particularly challenging for working parents, especially mothers who have been disproportionately affected with increased responsibiliti... See More
Allyship & Action Presents: WTF Is Gender Equity In Action?
2:15pm-3:20 pm
With *equity* en vogue, we’d like to get to the bottom of what gender equity looks like in action. What does it look like from the Woman’s experience? What does... See More
Standing Up to Fight the SHEcession
3:30pm-4:35 pm
The SHEcession has had a tremendous impact on women this year. In fact, women are leaving their jobs at four times the rate of men and unless action is taken, t... See More
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*All sessions will occur between 1:00pm and 5:00pm ET