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Alex Valentina
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Alex Valentina
Speaker Bio
Alex Valentina is a graphic designer and music producer. He studied in Italy (ISIA Urbino) and in Norway (KHIB Bergen). He lived for many years in London where he worked and cultivated his musical path through the projects M+A and Santii. At the moment he lives in Milan where he works as a freelancer.

The background of his extensive client list, which includes Universal, Apple, Ray-Ban, Refinery29 and 4AD, is a shimmering pool that ripples and bounces as you navigate. Alex has made a name for himself in recent years, both for artwork and type designs for musicians like Tkay Maidza and Oklou, and for his mind-bending fonts GoliaGolia and GabyGaby. His work has appeared regularly in publications like EyeOnDesign and It’s Nice That.

"In my works, whether they are graphic or musical, I always try to be sincere, I use them almost as a mirror. The things that are around me in that moment of life, whether they are phrases, symbols, people or emotions, end up in them and I believe that this helps me to maintain a genuine process, avoiding to stay in the pure “exercise of style”. Being able to do honest things is more important to me than doing nice things.”

“Nature has always been the source of my inspiration. The colours, textures, proportions. I've always been fascinated by it. It started getting into my work without me totally realising it. Only, after some time, friends and graphic accounts began to point out how present these things were in my work. They are such a part of me that I don't even notice it. I have a great admiration for nature. It’s super competent, flawless and always fair - and what comes out of that is always super genuine. I think it has to do with our origins. I feel it touches something so deeply. It reminds me of the A-B-C and gives me perspective."
Alex Valentina