Domonic Rollins
Domonic Rollins
former Chief Diversity Officer
The Dalton School and Harvard Graduate School of Education
Domonic is the Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) at The Dalton School located in New York City. In this role, Domonic provides leadership and oversight to develop a comprehensive diversity, equity and inclusion strategy that supports the fundamental Dalton principle that diverse beliefs, ethnicities, and cultures are a critical underpinning of a successful education in today’s global society. At The Dalton School, Domonic provides direction for committees and affinity groups charged with DEI work; collaborate with the K-12 teachers and academic leaders to institute a culturally relevant equity pedagogy in the classrooms and; serve as a mentor for faculty, staff, students, and parents on issues of social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusiveness.

In his former role as the Inaugural Senior Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Harvard Graduate School of Education, Domonic provided leadership and vision for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion at HGSE, in alignment with school-wide priorities. Domonic executed a broad range of strategic and tactical activities related to the identification, development, and delivery of diversity and inclusion initiatives for faculty, students, and staff.

A hallmark of Domonic's work is translating big ideas regarding diversity and inclusion, into practical solutions and considerations for organizations and interpersonal relationships. Previously, he served as the Senior Education and Training Specialist in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Maryland. His research focuses on issues of professional socialization, structural barriers to inclusive environments, social justice training in universities, and pathways to senior leadership for minoritized university administrators. His dissertation research investigated how Black male administrators navigate racism in higher education.

Domonic serves and keeps connection with Equity Consulting Group, Academic Impressions, Leadershape Inc., the Social Justice Training Institute, Washington Consulting Group, and other professional organizations dedicated to inclusion. Passion areas for Domonic include diversity, social justice, organizational dynamics, and supervision. Domonic earned his Ph.D. in Higher Education, Student Affairs, and International Education Policy from the University of Maryland-College Park.