No podiums. No hashtags.

Ask tough questions, get honest answers.

Too often we’ve heard that there isn't a formal training process to go from being a creative to managing creatives. The Creative Leaders Retreat is designed to bridge that gap while pushing the boundaries beyond the traditional conference. This year's online version will bring together some of the most influential leaders in the advertising and marketing industries and provide live interaction and access so that you'll come away with ideas you can implement, whether you’re a rising creative or a seasoned veteran.

Connections & Dialogue

We realize one of the most important parts of the Creative Leaders Retreat is the networking and discussions outside the sessions. That’s why we are working to ensure that attendees will not only get to ask our speakers questions but also connect with each other in small groups and one-on-one through our virtual and interactive platform.

From Crisis to Opportunity

Let's face it: 2020 is the year most people want to forget. Because of COVID-19 and civil unrest,  marketers have been forced to pivot and reinvent the way they do business. Changes that were already taking place in our industry only accelerated throughout the crisis. Our creative leaders will discuss how they've turned adversity into opportunity and the lessons they've learned to better position their businesses for a post-covid world.

Same Rules, Different Format

The retreat happens behind closed doors so that we create a safe space for open and honest conversation. That means we ask that there's no tweeting about what's being said and no recording of discussions. And because it’s online, now you can get access to our top creative leaders from anywhere in the world.



1:00pm - 5:00pm EST

$299 per person, $1200 Group of 5